(A Sort Of) Motivation Monday.


I spent the weekend praying for a loved one who is very ill. This morning, while scrolling through Facebook, I saw posts about someone else being diagnosed recently with the ugly C-word. My heart aches today for those two people, and all people who are ill and fighting disease. I’m also feeling incredibly grateful for my own health today. But it scares me because I can’t help but wonder what/who is next. Degenerative diseases seem to be prevalent these days. I’m certain you know more than 1 person with some sort of degenerative disease. I know I do, which is sad.

(If you’re wondering what exactly a degenerative disease is… it is the result of continuous cell damage and deterioration over time. A few examples include diabetes, alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart disease. Lifestyle choices, such as exercise and eating habits, can have an impact. Some lifestyle choices contribute to cell damage [smoking, processed foods, sedentary lifestyle], while other choices help to protect your cells from damage [exercise, proper nutrition, antioxidants]. Degenerative diseases can start developing years before you even realize it.)

Why wait until the damage is done to start thinking about making healthy changes? I want more people to commit to preventing disease, rather than trying to reverse it.

How about you? Have you committed to living a healthy lifestyle? If you haven’t yet, when will you?


6 thoughts on “(A Sort Of) Motivation Monday.

  1. Great point! Don’t wait for symptoms of being unhealthy to try to change! I’ve committed to living a healthy lifestyle and I’m so proud and happy I did it 🙂 !

  2. I’ve been trying to get the message out about eating foods that are Anti-inflammatory and that serve as antioxidants. Omega 3 is also a good one :). But some people can’t get by the chocolate ice cream. I know I have problems with some of these no-no foods, most of which contain the S word – sugar.

    1. That’s great, the more people that spread the message, the better! I know, we’re all human and I’m certainly not perfect either. I’m all about 80/20, but I focus on loading up on the essential nutrients so that I can enjoy that 20% of the time knowing that I’ve taken care of my body the best I can.

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