Health Coaching & Programs

“Day 4 and I’m feeling so good that I’m dancing in elevators that aren’t even playing music :)”

“So I did another re-RESET. Having had some life changes I’d fallen off my plan and thought it would be a good idea to RESET. It was. I feel much better and dropped 8 lbs. somewhere along the way. Thanks for giving me the tools to get back on track.”

“Jenna was there for me during Reset every step of the way! I tend to over-analyze everything and ask a lot of questions. Jenna was great in answering all questions before and during the 5 day jumpstart. She checked in on me daily (if I didn’t contact her first) and readily made adjustments/recommendations as needed depending on how I was feeling that day.”

“I lost an inch and 4 lbs. and have kept it off by following the food guides and recipe books!”

“Today’s my last day. Feeling good. Down 7 lbs.!”

“My sugar cravings are gone! It’s incredible. I am one to emotionally eat with chocolate and peanut butter desserts being my ‘go-to’. I haven’t had a craving in over two weeks for dessert or candy!”

“Jenna is the perfect health coach! She listens to you and responds in a non-judgmental form, quick to respond to any questions, and the best part is she understands that each person is different and adjusts the program accordingly.”

“Feeling like a champ!!! I feel fantastic. Now it will just be transitioning into more of a long term maintenance routine so I feel fabulous all the time :)”

“So excited! Was at the gym today and weighed myself after 5 days and lost almost 3 lbs. and feel even better! Don’t even care about the weight!! 🙂 Thanks again! Can’t believe most of my cravings are gone! And I’m not as tired in the morning!”