Fine tune your diet and lifestyle with our RENEW™ Clean Eating Program.  You will be enlightened to ways you can tweak your diet with the ultimate goal of creating harmony in your body.  We’ll help you filter out the things that are holding you back, while educating you on simple ways to make lasting change.  This program is not about restriction, but about freedom.


Are you ready to clean up your eating habits and explore a diet that is bio-individually right for you?  RENEW™ is ideal for the person who does not want a classic one-size-fits-all program, but wants to make lasting change in their eating habits, exercise practices, and self-care routines one step at a time.


  • Weekly educational video detailing focus for the week
  • Weekly education, application, and reflection exercises guiding your through many topics such as, but not limited to:
    • The latest dietary theories and how to best nourish your body with the plan best for you
    • The down side of the calorie equation and how to never count calories again
    • The foods that should never be on your grocery list
    • How does self-care affect my health?
    • Signs of inflammation in your body
    • What are primary foods and how do they apply to my well-being?
    • Is buying organic food necessary?
    • How do I clean up my living environment to reduce my toxic load?
    • How do I support my detoxification pathways?
  • Simple restorative exercise program
  • Extensive recipe guide
  • Freebie “How To” videos for various pieces of the program
  • Access to the RENEW™ online support community
  • 1 month supply of RENEW™ program’s customized supplements from the #1 rated Supplement Company in North America.  Includes:
    • #1 rated Multi-vitamin
    • #1 rate Fish Oil
    • 1 month supply of the cleanest shake on the market
    • 1 month supply of whole food snack bars
  • A weight maintenance and weight loss plan depending on your goals


This program is fully customizable, so for an exact price contact me. For most people it runs between $212-$410 US plus tax/ship.

We do serve many places globally, so for a custom quote in your currency, please message me.


  1. Fill in your information on my contact page, expressing your interest in the program.
  2. You will be contacted within 48 hours with a questionnaire, and given the specific sign-up sheet with all of your options.
  3. You will be signed up for a free and secure online customer account where you can manage all of your information and receive up to a 20% discount.
  4. Your program information will be e-mailed to you and any product will be directly mailed to your house.
  5. You will be added to the private coaching forum and support community.
  6. You will have AMAZING RESULTS!