Dandelion Root Tea. 

Ever feel like you over-indulged? Perhaps a few too many cocktails on vacation or a weekend celebration? Feeling bloated? Ya, I hear ya. We’ve all been there. I love drinking this roasted dandelion root tea after such occasions for a quick little detox.

A healthy liver is essential. It filters and processes our blood, performing vital functions like creating blood clotting proteins and metabolizing nutrients. Beyond that, the liver detoxifies our blood from harmful substances (i.e. alcohol, medications, and environmental toxins).

Dandelion root tea (or dandelion leaf) stimulates the liver, which helps the natural detoxification process and eases congestion of the liver. But that’s not all. While dandelion is mostly thought of as supporting liver health, here are a few other health benefits this “weed” provides…

  • Helps purify the blood and improve circulation
  • Promotes normal blood sugar levels
  • Stimulates urinary function to promote cleansing of kidneys and bladder (reducing risk for UTIs)
  • Promotes digestion, helping to relieve constipation and ease bloating

So, next time you’re feeling a little sluggish and bloated, or just feel like you need to give your liver some love, try sipping on some organic dandelion tea.

*If you’re taking medication or have any health issues, consult your MD first.



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