Motivation Monday.


Life definitely is one big adventure. There are twists and turns, sometimes we get lost, and we never quite know what’s coming next. But it’s always a series of experiences that we can learn from.

This quote reminds me of a time I was at the airport, not too long ago, experiencing several flight delays. I was in line trying to get my flights rearranged and there was a couple in front of me doing the same (however, they had a much more exciting travel schedule – they were trying to ultimately get to Italy!). It appeared they were newlyweds going on their honeymoon. Long story short, they were able to arrange new flights to get them to their final destination, but their bags were going to be a day late since they were already checked on their original flight schedule. Rather than getting bent out of shape, the woman looked at her new husband with a big smile and said “Well, this is going to be an adventure!” I loved her attitude and decided that I needed to take that attitude more often in life. When things aren’t going your way or there’s a kink in your plans, just remember that it’s not the end of the world. Look at it as an adventure and notice your mood immediately shift for the better.

Where will life’s adventures take you this week?


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