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What is a GMO?

GMO stands for “genetically modified organism”. It is defined as a living organism that is artificially modified through genetic engineering in a laboratory. This creates a potentially unstable combination of genes that does not occur in nature.

There are various (contradictory) views about whether or not GMOs are safe, but many developed countries have significant restrictions and/or bans on GMOs. However, in the U.S., GMOs have been approved based on studies largely conducted by the companies that created (and therefore, profit from) the GMOs. I don’t want to turn this into a political debate (anyone that knows me, knows that I am SO not someone who debates politics!), but the fact that companies who profit from GMOs are the ones saying that GMOs are safe… it just kind of makes you wonder if they truly have the public’s health in their best interest. I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong, but without further, long-term, scientific proof, I’m not convinced that GMOs are safe to consume. And the scary part – about 80% of packaged food on the grocery store shelves contain GMO ingredients. But regardless, no matter what your stance on the use of GMOs is, I do believe that it is important to stay informed. The debate and research on the safety of GMOs is far from over.

Staying informed stretches beyond just GMOs. It’s important to be informed of everything that you put into your body. Was the chicken that you’re serving for dinner tonight fed antibiotics? Was the cow that you’re drinking milk from given the growth hormone rGBH? If you stay informed about the foods you are eating, you can feel more confident in the choices that you make for yourself and your family.

If you want more information on GMOs, I found this article and this article both interesting.

I’d love to hear your perspective! What are your thoughts on GMOs?


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