Motivation Monday.

living on faith

Hey y’all, I’m back! Sorry for my lack of posts last week. It was a crazy week. I was not feeling like myself and was a little lost. I think we’ve all had moments in our life that make us question things – we might question decisions we’ve made, the direction we’re heading in, our choice of career, or even just “why me?” in situations. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and reevaluate; make sure we’re being true to ourselves and what we want in life. Sometimes, though, doing so makes us incredibly indecisive. All of the “what-ifs” start flooding in and they can be impossible to answer, making us feel overwhelmed and paralyzed.

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon with some quality family time. It was a gorgeous fall day here in the Carolinas, so I went for a long walk with my brother, sister-in-law, and baby niece. On our walk, I kept asking them for the answers to my “what-if”s and “how do I know?”s. Finally, my sister-in-law gave me the only answer that really makes sense. “Sometimes you don’t know.  Sometimes you just have to have faith.” Seems so simple, but apparently that was what I needed to hear. When faced with a decision, I need to just make it and then have faith in it. (Easier said than done, though.) I could spend a lifetime living in fear of the unknown, but what good does that do? Life is full of uncertainties. We can never truly know what tomorrow will bring. No matter your struggle or decision you need to make, maybe you just need to have a little faith…

And just because she’s so darn cute, here’s my niece and I on our walk Saturday.

walk with norah


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