Phase 3: Maintain

The Maintain Phase

The habits that you have formed in the first two phases will “make” you in the Maintain phase. The name of this phase says it all: it is time to maintain the weight and level of health that you reached during Phases 1 & 2. Like the Transform phase, you will need to be prepared with the products and healthy foods. I recommend beginning this phase by substituting one meal and one snack per day with a Nutrimeal shake and Nutrition Bar.

Having reached this phase, some people feel confident enough to choose healthy options for all of their meals and snacks. However, others find that Nutrimeal shakes and Nutrition Bars offer a convenient and yummy low glycemic option. No matter your comfort level and choice, I highly recommend keeping a bag of Nutrimeal and box of Nutrition Bars on hand so that you never have an excuse to revert back to old habits. I also recommend you continue to supplement your nutrition to ensure your cells are getting the optimal amounts of nutrients they need daily. Personally, my Maintain phase includes at least one shake per day + my customized Health Pak*.

*Contact me to learn more about customized Health Paks.