Phase 2: Transform

The Transform Phase

During this phase, you will ease into a pattern of low glycemic eating by only substituting two meals with Nutrimeal shakes and one snack with Nutrition Bars. This phase is about helping you learn what to eat and creating healthy new habits that will last. I also recommended to continue the high quality Essentials multi-vitamin and BiOmega fish oil to optimize cellular health during Transform.

Transform Plans

As previously mentioned, it is important to prepare in advance to transition immediately from the Reset phase. The length of the Transform phase can vary depending on several factors such as your overall health, weight, and personal goals. Below are a few options that typically meet most people’s needs. However, if you’d like to explore other options, please contact me to discuss a Transform plan that is right for you.

14 Day, 21 Day, and 28 Day Transform Plans

Whichever length of Transform phase you choose, you have the option of Basic, Essential, and Optimal levels of support. At a minimum, I recommend the Essential level so that you are provided maximum cellular support with the Essentials Multi-vitamin and BiOmega fish oil during your transformation. For Optimal health, I recommend the Probiotic for a stabilized and healthy gut throughout your transition.

Reset Package Options

For help deciding which plan is right for you, contact me! If you are still not convinced, you can join me, or a member of my team, for an informative no pressure webinar that explains the health benefits of a low glycemic lifestyle to increase overall health.